Poole’s Skilled Solar Installer

Better your home’s energy performance with Solar

Help improve the energy efficiency of your home with solar panels from DES Renewable Energy. You’ll also enjoy:

  • Lower energy bills 
  • Lower carbon emissions 
  • Higher energy security
  • A more reliable system with solar batteries
  • Protection against future energy price hikes
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What DES provides for solar customers in Poole

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Household & Commercial Solar

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Competitive Pricing

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Free No-Obligation Solar Quote

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Remote Surveys Available

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Quick & Easy Steps

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Industry Experts

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Quality Guaranteed

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Insurance-Backed Guarantee

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Why choose Solar now?

The UK is on the precipice of a revolution – the energy kind. Solar panels Poole, Dorset, and beyond are becoming more popular than ever before, and it makes sense. As energy bills continue to rise, UK homeowners are taking back control. With better energy security, smaller bills, and fewer harmful carbon emissions, the popularity of solar panels is understandable. 

And now you can get a piece of the action. 

As expert installers of Poole solar panels, we’re perfectly placed to help you meet your solar needs. Offering a range of services to both commercial and domestic projects, we can help make sure that your solar array really works for you. 

Remember, it’s comparatively never been cheaper to install solar panels than it is right now thanks to the advancement in technology and the availability of companies like ours (but we’re the best, of course…). 

Work with DES today and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote ASAP so you know where you stand. 

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DES Renewable Solar Services

We provide solar services for both domestic and commercial customers in Poole including…

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Solar Panels

Have a bespoke solar array installed so that you can be cleaner, greener, and take control of your energy bills. Generate your own electricity throughout the day and enjoy bill savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Solar Batteries

Make the most of your solar system by combining it with solar battery storage for extra savings. Store the excess solar energy and use it when needed and reduce your reliance on main electricity. A battery even provides you with back up in the event of a power cut.

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Solar Maintenance & Cleaning

Ensure that your solar panels maintain their maximum efficiency and keep working at their very best with our comprehensive solar panel maintenance and cleaning healthcheck. 

What Can DES Renewable Energy do for you?

Solar panels Poole are already proving popular, with a range of benefits helping both homes and businesses save money on energy bills and enjoy better energy security. 

We can take care of ALL of your solar needs, no matter where you are on your solar journey. From upgrading older systems to designing fully bespoke solar panel systems that are perfect for your property, we can take care of the lot. And all you need to do to get started is fill out a quick form for a free quote today! 

At DES Renewable Energy, we offer only the best solar panels as part of our installations, meaning you can be confident that the system we create for you is built to last. Better yet, we aren’t tied down by any behind-the-scenes deals with specific manufacturers either – so every bit of advice we give is impartial and offered to you only because we know it’s right for your home or business. 

And even with our customers knowing all this upfront, we still continuously impress them with:

  • Our bespoke service
  • Our expert knowledge & experience
  • Our highly competitive quotes
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      Benefits of Solar Energy

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      Reduced energy bills, saving you money each month

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      A way to earn money each month (through SEG)

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      Reduced carbon footprint

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      Energy security

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      A more desirable home when it’s time to sell

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      Low maintenance solar PV panels

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      A green solution to your energy problems

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      Control over your energy once more

      Solar Panels Poole Energy Savings

      A solar PV Poole array will bring so many benefits your way, but there’s no denying that the main appeal for many home and business owners are the energy savings you can make each year. Not only can you save, but you can also earn a small amount of money through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme as well. 

      Things like your exact location, the location of your solar panels on your property, the weather, energy prices, and your typical energy usage can all affect exact savings. 

      With that said, estimates from Energy Saving Trust suggest that houses in Poole and the South East could see annual savings of £350 when out all day until 6pm. These savings jump to £565 per year when home all day. These figures are based on receiving small SEG payments and the average annual energy bill savings you could make.

       Figures are correct as of July 2023.

      Up to £610 annual savings

      Commercial Poole Solar Panels

      Businesses in Poole also benefit from solar panels, thanks to our commercial solar panel service. We help businesses just like yours enjoy the benefits of commercial solar panels Poole by designing the perfect system for you. That means reduced energy bills, better energy security, and a much smaller carbon footprint for your business. 

      Commercial solar PV panels in Poole aren’t cheap, but the return on investment is brilliant because eventually they’ll pay for themselves, and then once you’ve broken even, you’ll continue to enjoy energy bill savings for years to come. You should also consider how the Annual Investment Allowance can reduce the cost of your system by 19% thanks to government support on offer.

      All in all, commercial solar panels in Poole are an excellent idea! 

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      Poole Solar Panels – Will I Need Planning Permission?

      We’re an expert solar panel installation company working in Poole and the surrounding areas, so we know a thing or two about how local planning permission works. And, we’re happy to report, planning permission isn’t generally required for a solar panel installation. 

      With that said, you’ll need to ensure you are adhering to all local stipulations (we can advise on this further when you contact us) and ensure that the installation is within the bounds of ‘Permitted Development’.

      It’s also important to ensure your panels aren’t:

      • Being installed on a listed building, conservation site, or national park
      • In breach of conditions relating to their height, size, and proximity to the property boundary 
      • Impacting the local area greatly

      Planning permission can seem like a minefield to navigate, but with DES Renewable Energy, it doesn’t have to be. Our friendly customer service team will guide you through every step of the process, including planning permission, and help make sure your project stays firmly on track. 

      Fill out our quick form today to get the ball rolling. 

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      Solar Panel Installers Poole

      Solar panels are already being installed all over Poole and the surrounding area, so why not consider it for yourself today? Here at DES Renewable Energy, we also know that trust is the most important part of any solar installation. That’s why we’re proud to share with you a few of our accreditations from government-backed schemes to highlight our success as a solar panel installation company. We are:

      • MCS Approved
      • NAPIT Approved
      • A HIES Approved Solar Installer
      • City & Guilds Trained

      These accreditations show our trustworthiness and professionalism in the industry and highlight our high quality work and safety conscious approach. That means we’re a solar installation company you can trust – so work with DES Renewable Energy today for all your solar needs. 

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