Solar PV O&M

Solar PV Operations and Maintenance

Ensuring the continuous efficiency of your business’s solar panel infrastructure by safeguarding it against potential breakdowns and performance reductions.

Solar O&M Frequency

We recommend scheduling a minimum of annual maintenance visits. The exception to this is the AC electrical element of your system, which will be subject to the requirements of the current edition of the Wiring Regulations, and again, we can help with that.

Protect Your Investment

We offer extensive maintenance services for commercial solar PV systems, with a specialisation in servicing and repairs for clients with solar PV systems, including those installed by other contractors.

Understanding that each installed technology requires a distinct level of operations and maintenance, we prioritise personalised solutions. Throughout project schedule discussions, we collaborate closely with you to create a tailored package that aligns with your specific business requirements.

As an additional suggestion, we recommend a solar panel monitoring solution to ensure that your system consistently operates at peak performance throughout the year.

Solar PV System Repairs

If your inverter fails, there’s a system fault, or you experience lost generation, DES Renewable Energy provides a call-out service for fault investigation and repairs. This service is accessible to both DES Renewable Energy customers and third-party installations.

  • Replace AC or DC isolator
  • Re-set tripped MCB
  • Replace faulty or undersized MCB
  • Re-connect monitoring hardware to Wi-Fi or bluetooth
  • Inverter swap (inverter replaced under manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Optimiser swap (optimiser replaced under manufacturer’s warranty)

Annual Maintenance Package

We suggest arranging an annual professional maintenance visit for your solar PV system. This proactive strategy helps uncover potential intermittent faults that may go unnoticed during a visual inspection, ensuring the protection of your equipment against potential breakdowns. Regular maintenance also plays a role in preserving warranties associated with your purchased equipment.

Our team is prepared to tailor a package according to your unique business requirements. For additional information or to explore the customisation of a maintenance solution, feel free to contact us without hesitation.

What’s included (but not limited to)?
  • PV modules - Checking all electrics are in working order, clean and undamaged.
  • Electric boards - AC/DC electrical systems.
  • Inverters - Inspecting for any damage signs, pests in inverter stations, checking that labelling is correct and filters are clean.
  • Transformer - Checking that they are working correctly.
  • Spares - Carrying out inventory of spare parts.
  • Report - A detailed report will be emailed after the inspection.
  • The grounds - Checking for shading from over hanging vegetation.
  • Mounting structures - Checking that mounting is in good, working order.
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Benefits of Regular Solar Panel Operations & Maintenance

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Extended lifespan of your panels and system

Proper maintenance helps identify and address potential issues early on, preventing them from developing into major problems. By fixing minor defects promptly, such as loose wiring or damaged components, you can extend the lifespan of your solar panels and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

Smarter, more aesthetically pleasing looking panels

No one likes to have anything on their property that looks messy and untidy, which is why we take care to make your solar panels look as good as new and enhance the overall appearance of your property as much as possible.

Maximise energy production and efficiency

Over time system faults, damage caused by pests or component issues such as an inverter failure can cause lost energy generation, potentially costing your business £1000’s in the long-term. Regular maintenance ensures that your solar panels are clean and free from dust, dirt, debris, and any other obstructions that may hinder their efficiency. 

Maximise overall safety of your installation

Solar panels involve electrical components, so safety is paramount. Regular maintenance includes inspections of the electrical connections, wiring, and other critical components to identify any hazards or potential risks. Addressing these issues promptly reduces the chances of electrical malfunctions, shocks, or fires.

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“From start to finish, there was good communication, excellent choice of quality solar equipment, detailed planning and professional service. Everything was handled by the company and nothing outsourced, all inhouse which gives peace of mind with one point of reference. ”

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