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Commercial Solar Battery Installation Services

We specialise in commercial solar battery installation to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your solar power systems. Our services are tailored to meet the unique energy needs of businesses looking to optimise their solar investments and achieve greater energy independence.

How can battery storage benefit your business?

  • Increased Energy Reliability - Solar batteries store excess energy generated during peak sunlight hours, which can then be used during overcast conditions or nighttime, ensuring a consistent energy supply.
  • Cost Savings - By maximising the use of solar-generated electricity, businesses can significantly reduce their reliance on the grid, leading to substantial reductions in energy costs.
  • Enhanced Grid Stability - Solar batteries help smooth out the energy supply, reduce peak load demands, and enhance overall grid stability.
  • Sustainability Goals - Incorporating solar batteries aligns with corporate sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy usage.

Our Installation Process

  • Consultation and Assessment: We begin by assessing your site and energy needs to recommend the most suitable solar battery systems, such as those from leading manufacturers like Tesla Powerwall, GivEnergy, and Sunsynk.
  • Customised System Design: Our experts design a system that integrates seamlessly with your existing solar panels, tailored to maximise energy storage and efficiency.
  • Professional Installation: Our certified technicians ensure a safe and efficient installation process, adhering to all industry standards and regulations.
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance: DES Renewable Energy provides comprehensive after-installation support to ensure your system continues to operate at peak performance.
Dorset County Council Solar Installation

Our Recommendation

The main brands we recommend for commercial systems include:

  • GivEnergy
  • Sunsynk

The Sunsynk High Voltage Series is a high-voltage lithium-ion battery system. It provides a reliable backup power supply for supermarkets, banks, schools, farms and small factories to smooth the load curve and achieve peak load transfer. It can also improve the stability of renewable systems and promote the application of renewable energy.

GivEnergy SME battery system will give you the power you need to cut your reliance on the grid and make massive energy bill savings. All via a neat, customised, highly secure solution.

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“Jason and his team at DES Renewable Energy have been instrumental in ensuring the installation continues to run smoothly. DES have proved reliable and have been proactive in helping us obtain further information to help with applications for Smart Export Generation. I’d like to thank DES for their continued customer-focused support and professional technical know-how.”

Clare Hentrich, Tekne Shopfitting LTD

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