How to Clean Solar Panels on Your Roof

Solar panels are a fantastic investment in clean energy, reducing your carbon footprint and lowering electricity costs. However, to maintain optimal efficiency, it’s crucial that they are kept clean. Dirt, debris, and bird droppings can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your solar panels. While cleaning them might seem straightforward, it can be risky and complicated, especially when they’re installed on the roof. Here’s your guide to understanding the cleaning process and why it might be best to rely on professional cleaners.

rotating brush cleaning solar panels

Understanding Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are generally low maintenance, but they do require regular cleaning to ensure they perform at their best. The frequency of cleaning depends on several factors like your location, the angle of installation, and the local environment. For example, panels in dusty or heavily treed areas may require more frequent cleaning.

DIY Cleaning: Steps and Precautions

If you decide to clean your panels yourself, here are some steps and precautions you should take:

  1. Safety First: Cleaning rooftop solar panels involves working at heights, which poses a significant risk. Ensure you have a sturdy ladder, use a harness, and never work alone.

  2. Check the Weather: Choose a cool, overcast day to clean your panels. Solar panels can get very hot on sunny days, and cleaning them while they are hot can cause harm to both the cleaner and the panels.

  3. Shut It Down: Before starting, make sure to shut down the system following the manufacturer’s or installer’s instructions to avoid any electrical hazards.

  4. Use the Right Equipment: Use a soft brush or a squeegee attached to a long handle, and a hose with a suitable nozzle for gentle spraying. Avoid abrasive materials or harsh detergents, as these can scratch the panels and reduce their efficiency.

  5. Gentle Cleaning: Gently remove any loose debris with the brush first. Then, spray the panels with water to remove dirt. For stubborn grime, use a mild, soapy water solution and rinse thoroughly.

Why Hiring Professionals is the Recommended Option

While DIY cleaning is possible, there are compelling reasons to consider hiring professional solar panel cleaners:

  • Expertise and Efficiency: Professionals have the right tools and techniques to clean panels efficiently and thoroughly without damaging them.
  • Safety: Professional cleaners are trained to work at heights and have the necessary safety equipment to prevent accidents.
  • Inspection: Along with cleaning, professionals can inspect your panels and mounting systems for any potential issues, offering peace of mind that your system is not only clean but also in good working order.
  • Warranty Preservation: Some manufacturers’ warranties specify that panels need to be cleaned professionally, or at least according to professional standards, to maintain the warranty.

While keeping your solar panels clean is crucial for maintaining their efficiency, the complexities and risks involved with rooftop cleaning make it a task best left to professionals. By hiring experts, you not only ensure that the job is done safely and effectively, but you also preserve the longevity and effectiveness of your investment. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning, and continue to enjoy the full benefits of your solar power system without the risks associated with DIY cleaning.

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