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Charging electric cars at home is now easier than ever. Get your home charging point installed now by our expert team.

Charging your electric vehicle at home is a more cost-effective, secure, and convenient option compared to public charging points

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Benefits of Home EV Charging

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More convenient and time-efficient

Say goodbye to inconvenient extension leads and wondering whether you are overloading your home’s electrical supply. With Home EV Charging, you no longer have to worry about any of these inconvenient and often annoying issues.

Safer and smarter charging

Our Home EV charge points communicate directly with your car, making charging at home much safer than alternative methods. Welcome to high performance, smart charging with a host of smart enabled services.

Make significant cost savings

Home EV Charging is often cheaper than using public charging stations or gasoline. You can take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, and some utility companies offer special EV charging tariffs, further reducing your costs.

Charge Your EV With Your Solar PV

If your EV Charger is connected to you Solar PV System, you will be able to charge your Electric Vehicle for free with any surplus Solar Energy. When you combine the two, you can see even greater benefits and cost-savings.

Increase your home appeal

With over 200,000 Electric Car owners across the UK, having a Home EV Charger installed can be an attractive addition for any potential home buyers. With Petrol and Diesel Cars being fazed out by 2030, installing a Home Charging Point is a Future Proof Investment.

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How much does it cost to install a home EV charging station?

The cost of installation can vary widely based on factors such as charger type, electrical panel capacity, and installation complexity. You can however refer to our listed products above to get a good idea of cost, and of course use the form to contact us if you would like expert advice from us and we can then give you an accurate quotation for Home EV Charging.

What types of home EV chargers are available?

There are two main types of home EV chargers: Level 1 (120V) and Level 2 (240V). Level 2 chargers are faster and more common for home installations.

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle at home?

Charging times depend on the battery size and charger speed. A Level 2 charger typically adds about 20-30 miles of range per hour, while a Level 1 charger adds about 3-5 miles per hour.

Can I install a home EV charger myself, or do I need a professional?

While some Level 1 chargers can be plugged into a standard outlet, Level 2 chargers usually require professional installation by a licensed electrician for safety and compliance reasons.

Do I need a dedicated circuit for my home EV charger?

While some Level 1 chargers can be plugged into a standard outlet, Level 2 chargers usually require professional installation by a licensed electrician for safety and compliance reasons.

Can I use my home EV charger for multiple electric vehicles?

Yes, many home chargers are compatible with multiple EVs. However, only one vehicle can charge at a time unless you install a dual-port charger.

Do home EV chargers work with all electric vehicle models?

Most home chargers are designed to work with various EV makes and models, but it’s essential to check compatibility with your specific vehicle.

Are there government incentives or rebates for home EV charger installation?

Many governments offer incentives, tax credits, or rebates to encourage the installation of home EV chargers. These incentives can help offset the installation costs.

What maintenance is required for a home EV charging station?

Home EV chargers typically require minimal maintenance. Regularly inspect the unit for physical damage and ensure the electrical connections are secure. Additionally, keep the charging cable clean and free of debris.

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