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If you’ve not considered solar PV for your home before, there’s never been a better time to take a good hard look at the use case for this simple, efficient green energy source.

About Our Residential Solar Installations

At DES Renewable Energy, we are dedicated to delivering the best solar solutions to our customers. We tailor each installation to the unique requirements of your property to ensure you get the best performance from your solar panels. Our installation service offers a seamless transition to clean and renewable energy, allowing you to reduce your energy bills and contribute to a greener future. Our expert technicians bring years of experience to every installation, ensuring that your new panels are fitted safely and will last for many years to come.

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Solar PV Installation

Powering businesses with solar panels

Battery storage solutions

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On average, homeowners who switch to solar power can save between 10% to 30% on their electricity bills annually

Cost Savings

Solar energy can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills. By generating your electricity from solar panels, you can save on utility costs over the lifetime of the system, typically 25 years or more.

Environmental Sustainability

Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source that produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation. By using solar energy, homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Energy Independence and Reliability

Solar energy provides a degree of energy independence. Homeowners can generate their electricity, reducing reliance on external energy sources and protecting against rising energy prices.

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Work with a specialist residential solar consultant who knows how to maximise your savings

We take a unique approach to helping you win with solar:

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Bespoke solar PV systems

Every household is different, which is why most people need a fully customised solar PV system that works in the best possible way for them. We optimise the solution that works best for you and your unique household and property.

Specialist advisors

Unlike many solar companies, we have dedicated specialist solar consultants dedicated to helping people like you thrive and get the very most from a solar panel installation.

Proven & trusted track record

We’ve already worked with numerous solar customers, on projects both small and large, over the past 5 years, and have many glowing reviews and recommendations from them that prove that we are experts in the field.

Consultancy-based approach

We take a full consultancy-based approach to help you get the very most from a solar panel installation, meaning that nothing of relevance is overlooked or left unconsidered.

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“From start to finish, there was good communication, excellent choice of quality solar equipment, detailed planning and professional service. Everything was handled by the company and nothing outsourced, all inhouse which gives peace of mind with one point of reference. ”

Stephen Bagshaw
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How Does Solar PV System Work?

Is Solar right for you?

If you answer yes to any of the below, it is time to think seriously about an investment in solar:

  • ZYour energy consumption is high
  • ZEnergy security is important to you
  • ZYou are looking to reduce reliance on the grid
  • ZYou need to increase your electrical capacity
  • ZYou want to reduce the cost of your electricity across your property portfolio
  • ZYou are committed to reducing carbon emissions
  • ZYou want to make a visual statement to demonstrate your commitment
  • ZYou have available roof space on your property
  • ZYou are transitioning to an electric vehicle and need additional power
  • ZYou need to get on track with decarbonisation and net zero
Need help with any of these things?

Recent projects

Dorset County hall


This project involved the design and installation of a 243kWp solar PV system for Dorset County Council. Our team of experts worked closely with the council to create a bespoke solution that met their energy needs and goals. The result was a highly efficient and cost-effective system that helps the council save on energy costs and reduce its carbon footprint.

Powering businesses with solar panels


This project involved the installation of a 254.87kWp solar PV system for Purbeck School. Our team took the time to understand the school’s energy needs and designed a system that would provide maximum energy harvesting potential. The result was a system that not only helps the school save on energy costs but also provides educational opportunities for students to learn about clean energy.


This project involved the installation of a 78.28kWp solar PV system for West Moors School. We worked closely with the school to design a system that met their energy needs and budget. The result was a cost-effective solution that helps the school save on energy costs while also providing educational opportunities for students to learn about clean energy.

Want to learn more about how we can help you too?

Empowering Homes with Sustainable Energy

At DES Renewable Energy, we listen to our customers and provide solutions most suited for their home and family needs. Our recent project, featured in this customer review video, showcases our commitment to delivering sustainable energy solutions that not only benefit the environment but also significantly reduce energy costs for homeowners.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is our priority and we provide personalised solutions tailored to each household. For this customer, we installed 12 x 400kW JA Solar panels, a 3.7kW Fox ESS inverter and 8.06kW Fox ESS battery storage.

Solar FAQ’s

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels work by capturing sunlight and converting it into electricity through a process called photovoltaics.

How much do solar panels cost for a residential installation?

The cost of solar panels varies depending on factors like system size, location, and equipment. Send us a message now with some details of your property and what you are after, and we'll come back to you with an initial estimate.

What is the payback period for a solar panel system?

The payback period typically ranges from 5 to 10 years, but it varies depending on factors such as energy consumption, local incentives, and system cost.

What is the payback period for a solar panel system?

The payback period typically ranges from 5 to 10 years, but it varies depending on factors such as energy consumption, local incentives, and system cost.

Are there government incentives for solar panel installations?

Many countries and regions offer incentives, tax credits, and rebates to encourage solar panel installations. These incentives can significantly reduce the cost of going solar.

Do I need to replace my roof before installing solar panels?

It's recommended to have a structurally sound roof before installing solar panels. If your roof is in poor condition, it may need to be replaced before installation.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels typically have a lifespan of 25 years or more. They may continue to generate electricity beyond this period but at a reduced efficiency.

What maintenance is required for solar panels?

Solar panels require minimal maintenance, although for best performance and reliability we recommend that you get your panels professionally cleaned at least annually. Periodic cleaning and ensuring that they are free of debris is crucial to continue to get the most from your solar panel investment.

How much electricity will my solar panels generate?

The amount of electricity generated depends on factors such as panel efficiency, orientation, shading, and location. An installer can provide a more accurate estimate based on your specific situation.

What happens on cloudy or rainy days?

Solar panels can still generate electricity on cloudy or rainy days, although the output will be lower compared to sunny days.

Do I need a battery with my solar panel system?

Batteries are optional but can provide energy storage, allowing you to use solar power during the night or during power outages. They can increase energy independence.

How long does it take to install solar panels on a residential property?

Installation typically takes a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

Do I need special permits or approvals for solar panel installation?

Yes, you may need permits and approvals from your local government or homeowner's association. Your solar installer can help you with this process.

What happens to excess electricity my panels generate?

Excess electricity can often be fed back into the grid, depending on your location and utility's policies, and you may receive credits or compensation for it.

Can I take my solar panels with me if I move?

Solar panels are often considered a valuable home improvement, but it's essential to check local regulations and whether the new property is suitable for solar installation.

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