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Opt for green energy with solar

Put yourself back in charge of your energy costs with solar PV panels in Hampshire. With a complete solar system and solar battery, you could save big today.

  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Rely on renewable energy
  • Utilise solar PV panels and batteries for a complete package
  • Move to Net Zero quicker
  • Put yourself in charge of your energy
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What DES provides for solar customers in Hampshire

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Household & Commercial Solar

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Competitive Pricing

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Free No-Obligation Solar Quote

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Remote Surveys Available

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Quick & Easy Steps

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Industry Experts

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Quality Guaranteed

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Insurance-Backed Guarantee

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No Subcontractors

Why choose Solar now?

Everybody in Hampshire will know that energy prices seem to rise and fall on a whim, meaning it’s difficult to keep your household budget in check. DES Renewable Energy can help you take control of those energy prices with a solar solution from us. Producing your own solar electricity will mean you’re in charge. Energy bills go down as your reliance on green energy goes up. 

If you’re looking for solar panels Hampshire, then we can help you become more self-sufficient. Combine a bespoke solar PV system from DES Renewable Energy with a solar battery, and you could ensure your solar array is providing you with all of your home’s energy needs, day and night. And with a solar battery, you can sell any excess energy you can’t use back to the national grid through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). 

Investing in solar today just makes sense. The savings you make in the long run will more than pay for your new solar PV array. Solar panel installation Hampshire has never been simpler, so choose DES Renewable Energy to help you on your solar journey today. 


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DES Renewable Solar Services

We provide solar services for both domestic and commercial customers in Hampshire including…

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Solar Panels

Have a bespoke solar array installed so that you can be cleaner, greener, and take control of your energy bills. Generate your own electricity throughout the day and enjoy bill savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Solar Batteries

Make the most of your solar system by combining it with solar battery storage for extra savings. Store the excess solar energy and use it when needed and reduce your reliance on main electricity. A battery even provides you with back up in the event of a power cut.

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Solar Maintenance & Cleaning

Ensure that your solar panels maintain their maximum efficiency and keep working at their very best with our comprehensive solar panel maintenance and cleaning healthcheck. 

What Can DES Renewable Energy do for you?

As solar installers Hampshire, we have a very simple mission: bring the benefits of solar to as many homes and businesses as possible. That way, we can all enjoy the benefits of reduced energy bills and increased energy security. 

No matter what stage of your solar journey you’re at, we can help. From entirely new solar PV systems to upgrades and add-ons to existing solar panels, we can do it all. Our industry expertise means we can deliver the best solar solutions to our customers, making sure we tick off every one of your individual needs.

With our bespoke service, you’ll receive the best and latest unbiased guidance to help you select a solar PV system that’s right for you. We work with only industry-leading manufacturers and offer the best solar installation in Hampshire through our team of solar experts who are all MCS-accredited. We exceed customer expectations by:

  • Identifying the optimal solar solution for you
  • Offering free, competitive quotes
  • Carrying out all work without the use of subcontractors
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Benefits of Solar Energy

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Reduced energy bills, saving you money each month

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A way to earn money each month (through SEG)

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Reduced carbon footprint

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Energy security

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A more desirable home when it’s time to sell

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Low maintenance solar PV panels

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A green solution to your energy problems

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Control over your energy once more

Bringing Energy Back Under Control

Opting for solar panels Hampshire, means opting for energy independence, reduced bills, and a switch from traditional energy sources to renewables. And it’s now a lower risk investment than ever before as we move towards Net Zero by 2050 as a country. 

If you’re wondering how much solar PV systems can save you in Hampshire, then it’s dependent on a few key factors: 

  • your exact location
  • typical weather 
  • system efficiency 
  • current energy prices
  • energy usage

Figures from the Energy Saving Trust suggest that households in Hampshire (and the rest of South East England) could have annual savings (from reduced energy bills) and income (average SEG payments) of £350 when out all day until 6pm. That could increase to £565 each year for those who are home all day and therefore rely on solar electricity more. 

These figures are correct as of July 2023, and may change after this time.

Up to £610 annual savings

Commercial Solar Opportunities in Hampshire

Hampshire businesses can also benefit from our solar installations. We save businesses in Hampshire time and money by designing a bespoke commercial solar system to bring you savings and help you switch to green energy much faster. The electricity generated by your solar panels each day will power your business, reducing energy bills and bettering your brand reputation. 

Investing in solar is no small decision for businesses, and the upfront costs can feel prohibitive if you’re a small business with less capital to play with. However, the annual savings you make could mean your installation is paid for in as little as 4 years. You’ll also find that solar PV systems are eligible for deductions under the Annual Investment Allowance.

Work with DES Renewable Energy today, and we’ll explain how solar panels for your Hampshire business could help you, and how it may be more affordable than you first thought. 

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Making Solar Easier

In most cases (there are some exceptions, but we can talk you through this when you reach out), solar panels won’t require planning permission, meaning all you need is trusted solar installers Hampshire to get started. At DES Renewable Energy, we’ll help you install your new solar system quickly and easily, so you can start benefiting ASAP. 

Whether you’re a residential or commercial customer, our solar PV systems could help change how energy works for you. We streamline the entire process, so speak to us with any concerns you have about the installation process or issues surrounding planning permission, and our experts will be able to advise.

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Hampshire Solar Installers You Can Rely On

Here at DES Renewable Energy, we put a great deal of stock in trust. We work hard to earn our customers’ trust, and we work even harder to keep it. 

To help show why we’re one of the UK’s leading solar installation companies carrying out solar panel installation Hampshire (and beyond), here are a list of accreditations we’re most proud of:

  • MCS Approved
  • NAPIT Approved
  • HIES Approved Solar Installer
  • City & Guilds Trained

These accreditations ensure your money is secure, our work is high quality, and safety is put first. Always. 

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