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Go Solar and Reduce Your Energy Bills Today

Help control spiralling energy prices in Bournemouth by choosing solar to power your home. Enjoy the following benefits of a bespoke solar PV system with us today:

  • Save money on energy bills
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Store excess energy with solar batteries
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Rely on the energy YOU produce
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What DES Renewable Energy provides for Solar Customers in Bournemouth

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Household & Commercial Solar

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Competitive Pricing

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Free No-Obligation Solar Quote

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Remote Surveys Available

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Quick & Easy Steps

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Industry Experts

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Quality Guaranteed

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Insurance-Backed Guarantee

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No Subcontractors

Why choose Solar now?

Are you looking for solar panels Bournemouth? If so, you’ll have probably already heard about the range of benefits Bournemouth solar panels can bring to you and your household or commercial premises – but there’s no harm in reminding yourself! With DES Renewable Energy, you’ll be able to find a solar energy solution that puts you in charge of your energy at home. As you switch to solar, your energy bills, carbon footprint, and energy insecurity goes down, and your energy efficiency and independence goes up.

As solar panel installers Bournemouth, we can help you combine a bespoke solar PV system with solar battery storage, meaning your home or business could be powered exclusively by solar energy – day and night! A solar battery also means you can sell any excess energy you can’t use through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). Thanks to our MCS Certification, you’ll almost certainly qualify under SEG to sell excess energy back to energy suppliers. 

With the cost of solar being greatly reduced compared to previous years, it makes sense to invest in solar PV Bournemouth today!

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DES Renewable Energy Solar Services

We provide solar services for both domestic and commercial customers in Bournemouth including…

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Solar Panels

Have a bespoke solar array installed so that you can be cleaner, greener, and take control of your energy bills. Generate your own electricity throughout the day and enjoy bill savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Solar Batteries

Make the most of your solar system by combining it with solar battery storage for extra savings. Store the excess solar energy and use it when needed and reduce your reliance on main electricity. A battery even provides you with back up in the event of a power cut.

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Solar Maintenance & Cleaning

Ensure that your solar panels maintain their maximum efficiency and keep working at their very best with our comprehensive solar panel maintenance and cleaning healthcheck. 

What Can DES Renewable Energy do for you?

As solar installers Bournemouth, we want to bring solar benefits to as many houses and businesses in Bournemouth as possible, reducing energy bills and lowering carbon footprints across the board.  

If it’s an upgrade to an old system you’re looking for, or a completely unique solar PV system, we can help you. Our years of experience and leading industry knowledge puts us in an excellent position to help home and business owners in Bournemouth get the right solution to their energy problems. 

Working with industry-leading manufacturers and offering completely impartial advice, we’re able to listen to your energy needs and help create a solar solution that ticks all the boxes. We stay up to date with all the latest solar technologies, so you don’t have to. And working with us means:

  • You’re working with MCS-accredited solar installers
  • You’ll receive free, competitive quotes 
  • You’ll get a solar solution designed for you
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Benefits of Solar Energy

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Reduced energy bills, saving you money each month

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A way to earn money each month (through SEG)

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Reduced carbon footprint

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Energy security

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A more desirable home when it’s time to sell

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Low maintenance solar PV panels

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A green solution to your energy problems

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Control over your energy once more

See Annual Energy Bill Savings

Choosing solar panels Bournemouth, means you’re choosing to save on your energy bills each year – a choice more of us are making than ever. Solar energy is significantly cheaper than traditional energy sources, so annual energy bill savings can be much higher than people first realise. 

 Things like:

  • your location 
  • weather 
  • energy prices
  • energy usage

 will all affect the savings you can make with your Bournemouth solar panels. 

 Figures from the Energy Saving Trust vary per location, but households in Bournemouth could see annual savings from energy bills and SEG payments of £335 when out all day until 6pm. This goes up to £525 per year for households that are home all day and therefore using more of the solar energy they produce. 

 Figures are correct as of October 2023.

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Up to £525 annual savings

Choose Commercial Solar in Bournemouth

Bournemouth businesses don’t need to miss out! As commercial solar panel installers Bournemouth, we save businesses just like yours time and money by working out the best solar solutions for you and delivering them quickly so you can enjoy the benefits of solar sooner. You can power your entire business with solar energy, helping reduce energy bills for your commercial premises, and reducing your business’ carbon footprint. 

 Commercial solar PV Bournemouth isn’t cheap, so we understand that upfront costs can feel overwhelming. However, your annual energy bill savings will eventually pay for the cost of the installation, and once that happens, your return on investment goes up and up. With solar panels enjoying 0% VAT right now (but only until the end of March 2027) and being listed as a qualifying purchase under the Annual Investment Allowance, commercial solar panels are cheaper than ever.

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How Easy Is It To Go Solar In Bournemouth?

With DES Renewable Energy, solar panels Bournemouth are easier than ever to come by! In most cases, solar panels won’t require planning permission. So long as it isn’t installed on a listed building or conservation site, doesn’t exceed height, size, and property boundary line limits, and isn’t impacting on the surrounding area in a great way, you’ll usually be able to install solar systems as they’re covered under ‘Permitted Development’. 

All you need to do to get started is fill out our simple form, and we’ll be able to provide a free quote, complete a free survey (which we can do remotely, where appropriate), and help pick out the best PV package for you. Our customer service team are friendly experts who are more than happy to guide you through the whole process, so reach out today to discuss your solar needs.

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Expert Solar Installers Bournemouth

At DES Renewable Energy, we’re a team of dedicated solar panel experts that specialise in delivering solar PV systems that make a difference to the lives of our customers in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. 

We’ve worked hard to earn the trust of our customers and we hold ourselves to the highest standards as a result. Thanks to our commitment to safety, quality work, and customer security, we’ve received multiple accreditations:

  • MCS Approved
  • NAPIT Approved
  • IWA Approved Solar Installer
  • City & Guilds Trained

We’re a team of Bournemouth solar panel installers you can trust, so reach out today if you’re ready to start your solar journey.

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